Starting off a bit Rusty…

In an attempt to improve some of my food photography, I recently constructed a ‘light box’ or ‘light tent’. It’s a fairly simple process. Step 1: Obtain large cardboard box. Step 2: Put bottom of box together as usual. Step 3: Turn box so bottom becomes the back side (does that make sense?) Step 4: Cut off the flaps on what was the top of the box. Step 5: Cut large square holes in the two sides and the present top of the box. Step 6: Cover square holes with either thin white fabric or paper. Step 7: Insert your favorite background into box so it rests against back and creates a ‘seemless’ look. Step 8: Take whatever light you prefer and shine from outside of box through the sides into box. Step 9: Place object inside box and take pictures!

From the few pictures I have taken using the box I find it is very helpful when it comes to getting good lighting on your subjects. Especially if, like me, you live in a place where it can be difficult to get good natural lighting.

Another great thing about making your own light box is if you have a cat, they like to play inside! Rusty climbed in early yesterday morning and I took advantage of his sniffing around.



Side-note, proper editing software was an IOU this holiday season as the place with great discounts was out of stock, so those photos here that I actually edited are done with whatever my computer provides!


One response to “Starting off a bit Rusty…

  1. Digging the fifth image. Well done!

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