Meandering Moose

It snowed a lot this past week, in fact Anchorage has gotten over 100 inches of snow this year – almost a new record. If we get a little over 30 more inches this winter we will break the old one. Winter Wonderland stays well after Christmas up here.

A few days ago my Dad was washing dishes and looked out the window above the sink to find two moose munching on our precious raspberry bushes. Turns out these two had traipsed their way through the front yard and made their trek to our backyard for a bit of a snack. Luckily, they moved away from our raspberry bushes by the time I had fetched my camera and instead decided to partake in our neighbor’s tree that hangs over the fence.

See? The snow is so high it’s tickling this poor boy’s belly. And he’s huge!

He went over to our rose bush, under the pine tree, and joined his buddy who had just gotten a face full of snow off the branches. Sorry for the awkward glare, I was inside (as one should be when photographing moose at this close) and didn’t realize the glare was so prominent until it was too late.

Rusty has decided he won’t let those moose sneak up on us any more, so he’s going to keep watch of the front lawn from his little window perch. Besides, if there are any new moose that wander through, Rusty can take em down. πŸ˜›

There you have it – just another winter day in Anchorage, complete with moose.

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