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Please remain on the line…

I’ve been wanting to get back to posting on here again. You know, before another year goes by and I haven’t written anything. So hey, I think there’s still a few weeks left until it has been an actual year since my last post! Win!

Ahem. Sorry.

While the blogging bug has been nipping at my fingertips again, my lovely gadgets have been no help.

I am currently in the middle of a system restart on my computer. It may be out of commission for a while. Time will tell.

Needless to say, while I want to share things with you lovely lot, until my computer is feeling better I’ll more than likely be silent.

Until then, check out a “review” of mine which was posted on the wonderful Food52!



Happy Anniversary?

Apparently today is my 3rd blogiversary…who knew? I certainly didn’t…

Although it is a tad funny, to me at least, that I’m here writing about a blogiversary when my last post was about my parents tree they planted for their anniversary…back in September. Whoops.

What? I never said I was good at this.

Anyway, I have been in the kitchen rather constantly, but once again sans camera. However, now that the spring is finally starting to show up here in AK and the light is coming back into our lives perhaps I’ll get some more going again.

Oh! Here’s something for you as a little treat, although no recipe as of yet. Some Pi Pie for Pi Day! It’s blueberry!

Pi on Pi-e

I’d like to be able to post more. Until then, if you follow along on twitter you’ll at least be able to hear about all the things coming from the kitchen these days!

The Doctor is in!

A few weekends ago I tagged along with Smidget to the graduation ceremony for the University up here that she teaches at, hoping to get a glimpse of her in her brand spankin new digs. After years of studying and writing paper after paper, Smidget has finally finished her PhD in Business Administration! So she’s Dr. Smidget, to you.

“Doctor.” “Doctor.” “Doctor.” “Doctor.” “Doctor.” “Doctor.”

Check out that awesome puffy hat! It really is all about the puffy hat.

The graduation took place at a local high school, after the usual ceremony facilities had an extremely damaging incident this winter. Warning to those new to high-snow areas: if the snow builds up to extremes on the roof, it will collapse. So, instead, the graduates got to walk at the beautiful new auditorium/theater at Bartlett High School.

Bartlett is on the north side of town, practically in a place called Eagle River (which is still technically part of the Municipality of Anchorage, I believe, but is also its own thing) and does not really have the best reputation among the high schools in town. But I personally feel a kinship with the school and it’s students for one simpleish reason: for the girl’s hockey teams in high school, there were not enough girls interested to support teams for each school and as such they had us paired up; my high school, South Anchorage, was paired with Bartlett! I got to play with a good friend, whom I had played on competitive teams with for years, just because she went to Bartlett. Good times.

Anyway, the school itself has had a bit of a facelift over the past few years and was a great place to take some pictures!

While I went to a nice, brand new high school, Bartlett is quite pretty and really seems to be cleaning up nice!

But the real excitement is about Smidget receiving her doctorate (well, technically she graduates in June, but the school has given her to OK to be called “Doctor”). Wait, Doctor who?

Congratulations Smidget! And thanks for letting me take pictures of you in your new garb, even though I know how much you hate getting your photo taken!

Iditarod 2012

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Dad and I had journeyed around town for Fur Rondy, including a stop at the Ceremonial Start of the great Iditarod race. Now, I am a bit behind on this, the race has been over for a little over two weeks, but it seems like the ideal opportunity to share the photos  I got of the race teams oh so long ago! A little bit of dog sleds to ring the the spring, that makes total sense. Doesn’t it?

Now, for a bit of background, the Iditarod race started back in 1925 with a, now famous, run to Nome, Alaska to deliver diphtheria serum. You might remember the story from the animated movie Balto, about the heroic dog who leg the pack on the trecherous trail. There’s also a statue of him in Central Park. (But really, the dog you SHOULD know about is Togo. Namesake for Girl Scout Camp Togowoods where I had one fond summer)

Since then, well, for the last 40 years. You do the math, I’m not too good at it. English major, what can I say. Anyway, the trail has become a great sporting event up here in Alaska for both mushers and dogs. This year the trail once again ran from Anchorage to Nome, a total of almost 1,000 miles! Well, ok, so it actually “officially” started in Willow, not Anchorage. But, part of the reason the race from Willow to Nome is not quite 1,000 miles is because of the tacked on “ceremonial” start in Anchorage which itself is 20+ miles long. Enough chatter, here’s a map I found via the Anchorage Daily News Website, which during race time was interactive.

As mentioned, Dad and I went to the ceremonial start in Anchorage, and while we weren’t in the thick of things Downtown, we had a great view of the teams rushing by as we cheered them on and I snapped photos. Including one of this guy:

2012 Iditarod First Place Winner Dallas Seavey!


Here are some other great shots I got of the mushers as they made their way towards Willow (eventually, the next day) to begin the race!

13th place, and fastest Rookie Musher, Brent Sass

Hank DeBruin, 49th place

Ed Stielstra, 25th place

Aaron Burmeister, 4th place! (also, "Look Ma, no hands!")

Colleen Robertia, 21st place Colleen was so photogenic and happy that day, I got a few great shots of her!

Colleen again

Justin Savidi, 45th place

Mitch Seavey, 7th place, and Dallas Seavey's dad, in fact there were three generations of Seavey's this year and the youngest won


It was snowing a bit that day, can you tell?

There were 67 racers and teams this year, out of which 53 finished and, unlike what has sadly happened in the past, no dogs died on the trail for the third year in a row! This is a big thing for mushers, the Idiatrod big-wigs, and the fans alike. These dogs are treated like little furry kings and, as you can tell from some of the photos, they love running and pulling the sleds. It is literally what they were made to do.

I know I left out a lot of information on the race in general, so please if you have any questions feel free to ask via comment or email!

Meandering Moose

It snowed a lot this past week, in fact Anchorage has gotten over 100 inches of snow this year – almost a new record. If we get a little over 30 more inches this winter we will break the old one. Winter Wonderland stays well after Christmas up here.

A few days ago my Dad was washing dishes and looked out the window above the sink to find two moose munching on our precious raspberry bushes. Turns out these two had traipsed their way through the front yard and made their trek to our backyard for a bit of a snack. Luckily, they moved away from our raspberry bushes by the time I had fetched my camera and instead decided to partake in our neighbor’s tree that hangs over the fence.

See? The snow is so high it’s tickling this poor boy’s belly. And he’s huge!

He went over to our rose bush, under the pine tree, and joined his buddy who had just gotten a face full of snow off the branches. Sorry for the awkward glare, I was inside (as one should be when photographing moose at this close) and didn’t realize the glare was so prominent until it was too late.

Rusty has decided he won’t let those moose sneak up on us any more, so he’s going to keep watch of the front lawn from his little window perch. Besides, if there are any new moose that wander through, Rusty can take em down. 😛

There you have it – just another winter day in Anchorage, complete with moose.

Happy New Year!

With all the chaos of the Holiday season and the start of the New Year, time has finally come to take a deep, relaxing breath and pass along Happy New Year from my house to yours!

See what I did there?

More posts coming soon, once I filter through all of my pictures from the past month and begin in on 2012. It’s sure to be a good year!

Thanksgiving Travel Season

It’s that time of year again: the Thanksgiving travel season. You know, the time of year when at least one person from just about every family is heading away from their home and to someone else’s for the holiday. I flew down to Massachusetts last week with Smidget to spend Turkey Day with the fam, (see previous post: Freak Out!) but that was only just the beginning of our travels.

For the weekend I drove down to New York and visited my Alma Mater to see friends and how the campus has changed. One of my wonderful friends and her family were kind enough to house me as they have done numerous times before. Easter this year won’t be the same without the Gallucci’s. Sigh.

Anyway, I got in to NY fairly early on Saturday, giving my friend C and I plenty of time to hang out. So…what did we do? Went into New York City of course! We got to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, aka my home away from home that I miss terribly. We walked around through Central Park a bit and watched small toy sailboats being motored all over the Conservatory Pond near the Alice in Wonderland Statue. It was wonderful. I miss the city so much.

I got back to my Gigi’s (a shortened form of Grandpa in Polish. What can I say? I’m half Polish, he’s fully Polish, we took him to Poland a few years ago. That’s about it) house Sunday night, or yesterday. Today Smidget and I are heading East/slightly North to visit a great yarn store and to check out some graduate schools I am looking into in Vermont.

We are then thinking of going down to Rhode Island to visit Smidget’s Mom (aka my Grandma) on Friday after T-Day and we usually do a quick shopping trip up in Kittery, Maine. Land of the Outlet Malls. Early Christmas Shopping Central.

So lots of travel. To assist with these travels we have two trusty sidekicks. One is my GPS named Gavin. He’s my ‘copper’. I’ll give cupcakes to whomever is first to correctly answer what movie that is from. The other sidekick is my dashboard pirate named Hector.

Hector. That’s him. He’s a pretty lively guy.

So, as one can see, there is actually a lot of traveling form my family involved in the Thanksgiving break that is not just head cross country.

Here’s a sneak peek at Thanksgiving at Gigi’s House:

Front of Gig's House

Decorative Town Plate


Bookcases and Fireplace Mantle

Gigi's Military Photograph

And as an early Thanksgiving treat, just for you, here are some buddies who hang out in the front yard of a neighbor’s house: