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Thanksgiving Travel Season

It’s that time of year again: the Thanksgiving travel season. You know, the time of year when at least one person from just about every family is heading away from their home and to someone else’s for the holiday. I flew down to Massachusetts last week with Smidget to spend Turkey Day with the fam, (see previous post: Freak Out!) but that was only just the beginning of our travels.

For the weekend I drove down to New York and visited my Alma Mater to see friends and how the campus has changed. One of my wonderful friends and her family were kind enough to house me as they have done numerous times before. Easter this year won’t be the same without the Gallucci’s. Sigh.

Anyway, I got in to NY fairly early on Saturday, giving my friend C and I plenty of time to hang out. So…what did we do? Went into New York City of course! We got to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, aka my home away from home that I miss terribly. We walked around through Central Park a bit and watched small toy sailboats being motored all over the Conservatory Pond near the Alice in Wonderland Statue. It was wonderful. I miss the city so much.

I got back to my Gigi’s (a shortened form of Grandpa in Polish. What can I say? I’m half Polish, he’s fully Polish, we took him to Poland a few years ago. That’s about it) house Sunday night, or yesterday. Today Smidget and I are heading East/slightly North to visit a great yarn store and to check out some graduate schools I am looking into in Vermont.

We are then thinking of going down to Rhode Island to visit Smidget’s Mom (aka my Grandma) on Friday after T-Day and we usually do a quick shopping trip up in Kittery, Maine. Land of the Outlet Malls. Early Christmas Shopping Central.

So lots of travel. To assist with these travels we have two trusty sidekicks. One is my GPS named Gavin. He’s my ‘copper’. I’ll give cupcakes to whomever is first to correctly answer what movie that is from. The other sidekick is my dashboard pirate named Hector.

Hector. That’s him. He’s a pretty lively guy.

So, as one can see, there is actually a lot of traveling form my family involved in the Thanksgiving break that is not just head cross country.

Here’s a sneak peek at Thanksgiving at Gigi’s House:

Front of Gig's House

Decorative Town Plate


Bookcases and Fireplace Mantle

Gigi's Military Photograph

And as an early Thanksgiving treat, just for you, here are some buddies who hang out in the front yard of a neighbor’s house:



Prossima fermata, Venezia!

This past Spring Break (2011) I joined the Manhattanville College Art History Department on their trip to Padova/Verona/Ravenna/Venice (including the islands of Torcello/Burano/Murano)! Here’s a glimpse of what we saw:

This one’s for all the Ancient Roman Architecture nerds out there ↓

As usual, if you would like any info on any of my photos leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Also, here are some more maps I found in case you’re interested!

Sono andato a Firenze!

As promised, here are some photos from my 2010 Spring Break trip to Florence/Tarquinia/Siena/San Gimignano/Volterra/Assisi/Rome!*

*Let me know if you would like info on any of these. Oh, and here’s a map for a reference!

Ah, Venice!

As a short post to tide you over until I’m able to get a put something bigger and better together, I shall share a glimpse of the trip to Venice with one of the best photos from the trip. My friend, a self-proclaimed photographer, captured this special moment. It is of a street magician in Padova (also known as Padua), Italy doing what he does best and entertaining the children. Such a precious moment!

Also, calzone the size of your face!

Arrivederci New York! Bongiorno Italia!

It’s been a long while. Too long in fact. I’ve been noticing my blog’s button on my toolbar and have ever so not-very-sneakily been avoiding it. All because I know that the guilt of realizing you haven’t posted in forever is crushing. But sometimes you have to suck it up and deal. And post!

So here it is, the Friday before spring break, and in about half an hour or so a few of my friends and I will be loading the bus along with other art history students to head to the airport where we will fly to….VENICE! Spring Break studying art in Venice, does it get any better? Last year I went with the art history department to Florence and it was so amazing I already knew I wanted to go with them to Venice this year. And so, it has happened.

Me and friends in Rome last year

But part of the problem with such a lavish trip for Spring Break is that, even though I saved money for the trip, I seem to be lacking in funds in general. Don’t worry, I have enough to sample great Venetian food and shopping, but I have discovered the struggle of living on a budget because you’re forced to. Which is a great life lesson, and I’m actually surprised it has taken this long for me to learn it. What I have recently found to be the most difficult thing is this: I want to cook and bake delicious goods, but am unable to afford the ingredients for such goodies that I really want to do on a week to week basis! It makes me sad face. It’s time to learn how to make amazing foods on a budget, but how?

So to end this short post on a high note, OFF TO VENICE!!

And a question for all, what are you ways you continue to cook while staying on a budget?