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Happy Anniversary?

Apparently today is my 3rd blogiversary…who knew? I certainly didn’t…

Although it is a tad funny, to me at least, that I’m here writing about a blogiversary when my last post was about my parents tree they planted for their anniversary…back in September. Whoops.

What? I never said I was good at this.

Anyway, I have been in the kitchen rather constantly, but once again sans camera. However, now that the spring is finally starting to show up here in AK and the light is coming back into our lives perhaps I’ll get some more going again.

Oh! Here’s something for you as a little treat, although no recipe as of yet. Some Pi Pie for Pi Day! It’s blueberry!

Pi on Pi-e

I’d like to be able to post more. Until then, if you follow along on twitter you’ll at least be able to hear about all the things coming from the kitchen these days!