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Food and felines…

These are a few of my favorite things…
I’ve been experimenting a bit in the kitchen on using up things in the fridge and in our pantry that we have had for awhile, and really just need to be used. Case in point, spinach spaghetti. Good stuff, nothing wrong with it, but how long ago was it shoved t0 back of the shelf? Smidget signed up for a deal at the university she teaches at too so that we get fresh from the farm greens every Monday, which is fantastic, but sometimes we don’t know what to do with all the stuff before it starts to go bad or what not. So, why not find something to make that combines the old with the new? Spinach Spaghetti with fresh Pesto Sauce.

I wish I could tell you what greens we used for the pesto, but honestly I don’t remember…sorry! All I know was that one night I was home alone, pulled out the left over pasta, a chicken breast, and went to work making something I’d seen friends do at school but with my own twist.

It was delicious. I simply pounded down the chicken, dipped it in egg wash followed by bread crumbs spiced with a little of Emeril’s Essence seasoning, of all things, and then fried in a fan with olive oil until crispy and fully cooked. So good!

Plus, the weather has been shifting back and forth from downpour to bright and sunny, which the entire family likes, including jungle kitty…

Huh…these two pictures almost look like the same thing….weird…thanks color scheme!

Aside from all this I have actually been doing more cooking and baking, but continue to neglect my camera and its dying battery. From here on out I have some promises to make and keep. I promise to post more, although don’t be surprised if there are a few “Busy! Really busy! Gah!” posts, and I promise to take pictures so I have something to post during the non-busy times! I promise!