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Hi. Remember me? It’s been a while. I’ve been busy. Work…life…some technical problems…how difficult is it to have a reliable computer? Maybe more difficult than it should be, for me at least, but I digress.

Well, I’m hoping to come back. I’ve been wanting to come back. Will you have me?

Something happened at work today that made me think of you and all the good times we’ve shared. I’ve been longing to login again and leave a little something for you.

Like this – here’s something I did earlier this year, I hope you enjoy it, Food52 Community Piglet Cookbook Review: Death & Co.

I’ll see you again soon, I promise.


Happy [Belated] National Vodka Day!

It was National Vodka Day a few days ago. October 4th, to be exact. Did you know that? I didn’t until about 3pm or so that day. Luckily, I was prepared.

One of the great things about having your own raspberry bush in the backyard, or even in the front yard, is the steady supply of berries during the height of their season. Back when we had so many berries we didn’t know what to do with ourselves (the weather has since gotten colder, thus the little red wonders aren’t as prevalent) I looked up many a raspberry recipe.

I came across something I never would have dreamed of. Raspberry Infused Vodka.

Suddenly I had to do it. I had to infuse vodka.

It’s quite simple really: Take bottle/jar/container. Fill 1/3-1/4 way with raspberries.

Pour vodka in.

Keep pouring. Fill bottle/jar/container or empty vodka bottle. Just don’t overflow the bottle/jar/container.

Store on a shelf or in the panty, or heck on the kitchen counter. Leave there for a good while. Optimal time at least two weeks. During which you want to shake it every now and then. Shake it. Shake it. Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

There you have it! Raspberry vodka!

When it is ready and you want to indulge simply strain out the raspberries (I would not advise eating them as they have lost all their raspberry flavor to the liquor, but as dad said after popping one in his mouth “Mmmm…vodka…”) and drink!


Or, as we Polish say, Na zdrowie!