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It’s just one of those mornings…

Busy day today and coffee is much needed.

Ask any true Alaskan where to get coffee in Anchorage and they will say “Anywhere that has Kaladis.” Or at least they should. We’re very big on local products: locally grown food, handmade jewelry, even locally roasted coffee, which is what Kaladi’s is all about. There is a few other coffee places around that are more familiar to non-locals, such as Starbucks, but no one goes to those places as much as they go to any Kaladis-serving cafe.

There are also a lot of those little drive up places on the side of the road, driving from my house to where I worked one summer, depending on the route, you would pass at least three or four of those little shacks. And most of them serve what? Kaladis.

I also love Kaladis because they sell their stuff to take home, or to school in NY, not just their fantastic mochas or cranberry-raspberry tea drinks, aptly nicknamed by friends, A Kick In The Face.