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The glories of good cookware

One of the problems with still being in college and living in the dorms is that the kitchen in my building is a tiny disgusting mess. On top of that, I also live on the other side of the country and since I don’t know where I’ll be going after graduation (besides grad school somewhere, more on that later) and therefore I don’t want to buy a lot of big, heavy, expensive, difficult to ship things just in case I head back home. However, I just may have to be forced into finding a way to get this beauty:

Forget a man, or a cat, I'll take this...actually, I'll take all three. Check please!

The little teal one mom got!

Cooking.com has this on their homepage advertising a new color, PURPLE! Technically Cassis. Purple is my all time favorite color, in fact it’s kind of scary how I notice myself in stores automatically locking onto anything that is purple. And, as any great or aspiring cook knows, Le Creuset is like heaven.

My mom, known as Smidget, as a big blue 9 qt. dutch oven of theirs at home and the things that she makes in it are to die for. We also got her a little casserole guy for Christmas this past year, so cute, so affordable (only about $20! compared to the big guy for about $190).

Also on the list of amazing must haves from Le Creuset, besides everything, is something I saw while wandering through the Williams Sonoma store with a friend at the mall the other day. I couldn’t see a price on it that day, but I was instantly drawn to it and could also think of a friend that would enjoy it, so Kelsey, if you ever read this, thoughts?

The 1.6 quart Green Zen Teakettle. Just take a moment, soak it in, bathe in the color, just not in the tea. It’s strange, I’ve always enjoyed tea, and I have a lot of it both at home and at school, yet I rarely drink it. I feel you really have to be in the mood to appreciate tea. I usually find that when it’s getting into the fall season and school is starting to get steady, leaves start to change, the campus and surrounding areas are absolutely gorgeous, there are only a few things I want to do. I want to put on my one of my favorite handmade sweaters, curl up on my bed with my purple fuzzy blanket, drink a nice steaming up of Stash Premium Licorice Spice Tea, work on my latest cross-stitch project (currently three adorable cats on a windowsill watching birds outside in the sparse snow) and watch Gilmore Girls. Sigh.

But for now it’s coming onto the summer season, which means I’m heading home for a few months and already I have begun talking to friends and planning fantastic get-together’s where we bake our freakin brains out. Speaking of which… http://www.gearfuse.com/cupcakes-for-zombies/ gives the fantastic idea of these little buggers:

But for now, patience and planning. Oh, and passing. Classes, that is.