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The Doctor is in!

A few weekends ago I tagged along with Smidget to the graduation ceremony for the University up here that she teaches at, hoping to get a glimpse of her in her brand spankin new digs. After years of studying and writing paper after paper, Smidget has finally finished her PhD in Business Administration! So she’s Dr. Smidget, to you.

“Doctor.” “Doctor.” “Doctor.” “Doctor.” “Doctor.” “Doctor.”

Check out that awesome puffy hat! It really is all about the puffy hat.

The graduation took place at a local high school, after the usual ceremony facilities had an extremely damaging incident this winter. Warning to those new to high-snow areas: if the snow builds up to extremes on the roof, it will collapse. So, instead, the graduates got to walk at the beautiful new auditorium/theater at Bartlett High School.

Bartlett is on the north side of town, practically in a place called Eagle River (which is still technically part of the Municipality of Anchorage, I believe, but is also its own thing) and does not really have the best reputation among the high schools in town. But I personally feel a kinship with the school and it’s students for one simpleish reason: for the girl’s hockey teams in high school, there were not enough girls interested to support teams for each school and as such they had us paired up; my high school, South Anchorage, was paired with Bartlett! I got to play with a good friend, whom I had played on competitive teams with for years, just because she went to Bartlett. Good times.

Anyway, the school itself has had a bit of a facelift over the past few years and was a great place to take some pictures!

While I went to a nice, brand new high school, Bartlett is quite pretty and really seems to be cleaning up nice!

But the real excitement is about Smidget receiving her doctorate (well, technically she graduates in June, but the school has given her to OK to be called “Doctor”). Wait, Doctor who?

Congratulations Smidget! And thanks for letting me take pictures of you in your new garb, even though I know how much you hate getting your photo taken!

Starting off a bit Rusty…

In an attempt to improve some of my food photography, I recently constructed a ‘light box’ or ‘light tent’. It’s a fairly simple process. Step 1: Obtain large cardboard box. Step 2: Put bottom of box together as usual. Step 3: Turn box so bottom becomes the back side (does that make sense?) Step 4: Cut off the flaps on what was the top of the box. Step 5: Cut large square holes in the two sides and the present top of the box. Step 6: Cover square holes with either thin white fabric or paper. Step 7: Insert your favorite background into box so it rests against back and creates a ‘seemless’ look. Step 8: Take whatever light you prefer and shine from outside of box through the sides into box. Step 9: Place object inside box and take pictures!

From the few pictures I have taken using the box I find it is very helpful when it comes to getting good lighting on your subjects. Especially if, like me, you live in a place where it can be difficult to get good natural lighting.

Another great thing about making your own light box is if you have a cat, they like to play inside! Rusty climbed in early yesterday morning and I took advantage of his sniffing around.



Side-note, proper editing software was an IOU this holiday season as the place with great discounts was out of stock, so those photos here that I actually edited are done with whatever my computer provides!