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Tri-Color Rotini with Chicken-Apple Sausage

As the semester, and the school year, comes to a close I’ve drawn back to one of the few things that helps allow me to keep my sanity, cooking. The only bad thing about doing a lot of cooking is that it takes time away from doing actual work (like 3   response papers, one 3-5 page paper, one 8 page paper, one 12-15 page paper, and one creative project, not to mention all the things I have to do for my campus job) but at least it keeps my tummy satisfied as I plow though all that work (2 response papers done so far!).

Yet, as I have mentioned, it can be very difficult to actually get some good cooking done in the residence hall kitchen with only minimal ingredients and supplies. As much as this lack seems to take away from the variety of food that one can cook, it does allow you to be a bit more creative when it comes to what exactly you make.

This past weekend was a special one for two reasons: 1st, it was the 30th anniversary of a campus-wide spring time celebration known as Quad Jam, which lasts all day outside on our quad and is filled with fun, food, and student music as well as headliners, this year Fabolous and Reel Big Fish and 2nd, one of my good friends and co-workers was celebrating the day they started working in our office.

Therefore, while making a fantastic dinner for myself of Tri-Color Rotini with Chicken-Apple Sausage, I grabbed a box mix at the store and baked a cake!

I brought everything with me to the kitchen, which luckily for me this year has only been a few doors away, in this fantastic bright green cupcake bag a friend sent me in a care package. Now I just have to get hers together.

Notice the rainbow whisk, gotta love it

The box mix was great, I would love to be able to bake my own cakes from scratch, and maybe over the summer at home I will, but here, mixes are the way to go. My friend who wanted the cake asked for chocolate with vanilla frosting, so that’s what I made. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the fully made and frosted cake, but I do have some of what it looked like after coming out of the oven!

While these guys sat in the oven I made myself some dinner. I had been thinking of cooking something for a while now and had the idea of pasta with Chicken-Apple sausage through my mind over and over. I had the sausage maybe once or twice before when Smidget would make it, but sadly it always came out kind of dry and not so good. But suddenly the sausage had been running through my mind, I don’t think all the ads for it in my Food Network Magazine helped either.

So, I got to cooking!

One of the cardinal rules when it comes to food photos is don't use flash, obviously I broke that but the colors came out so much more vibrant in that dull kitchen!

Tri-Color Rotini with Chicken-Apple Sausage

Servings: Probably about two, although can always make more, I just wanted enough food for one person and ate way to much of it

Time: About 20 minutes


  • One half of an 12 oz box of Tri-Color Rotini
  • Two Chicken-Apple sausages
  • Extra light olive oil
  • Pinch of salt


1. Fill a pot with enough water for pasta and bring to a boil on stove. Once boiling, add some salt to the water to help flavor the pasta a bit and then add the pasta. Cook according to directions on box.

2. Put a bit of the extra light oil, or extra virgin if you have it (I don’t at school, it’s a crime, I know) into a skillet and put on medium heat. Take two Chicken-Apple sausages which have been pre-cooked according to packaging, and place in skillet until nice and browned.

3. Drain pasta once cooked, and drizzle with more extra light oil. Once sausages are browned and heated, cut into pieces and add to pasta, toss to serve and enjoy!

He's watching you bake...