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Birthday Blunders…

I have recently been made aware of a terrible situation that is occurring throughout elementary (and even middle, junior high, and high) schools throughout the land. Yes, that’s right, the land.  And this tragic topic is:

Summer Birthday Shunning.

As a summer birthday girl, I personally can relate to the issue at hand. All throughout elementary, middle, and high school there were parties, celebrations, goodies, whathaveyou for the people who had birthdays in their respective months. AKA September babies had a party in September, October babies in October, etc.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating birthdays, nothing at all, they are a reason to let loose and have a bit of fun, but there is just one problem. The summer’s are always overlooked.

Those born in May/June/July are never celebrated within the school year. It sucks. Our lockers are never decorated, our teachers never say “Happy Birthday!”, we never get a little celebration in class, no cake, no candles, nothing. We get to sit on our couches (or at our jobs once we’re old enough) all summer long and celebrate only with those close friends, and our family.

Every fall we get to school and our teachers go “oh, we’ll celebrate our summer birthdays now since we missed them!” and then they don’t. So they say “oops, we’ll celebrate in the spring!” but they forget, and we don’t. And then comes “well we’ll just do it next fall, ok?” but it doesn’t happen. Ever. Not ok.

And so, over this past summer as our staff this year got to talking I realized we have quite a few (aka 3 or 4) summer birthdays on staff. So I mentioned to another of these summer birthdays that we should have a little party! This idea was really enforced when the main office we work for had an August/September birthday party. It had to happen. And so, at our past staff meeting, it did.

And I made cupcakes, naturally.

Fall themed cupcakes for summer birthdays? Why not. It’s almost equinox anyway! Plus who doesn’t LOVE fall?! Absolute favorite season ever.

Now, as per usual in this kitchen and at this school, it’s a box mix for the cakes. Spice cake to be specific.

But the frosting, that I made up. In the kitchen. On the spot. So it was something like 2 8oz packages of cream cheese, two capfulls of lemon extract, some melted butter, and enough powdered sugar to get that consistency you want. So if it’s too thick, more butter, too thin, more sugar. Oh, and orange food coloring. Well, red and yellow to make orange, but you get the point.

It was great, everyone on staff loved them and raved about the frosting. So, hurrah for made up cream cheese frosting! I would suggest making it for any sort of work, or even family, function, it will be the hit of the night! Enjoy!

Also, the little sugar guys are Betty Crocker, I got them from Wal-Mart who is already hitting the fall/Halloween season!

The little Owl is soooooo cute!

Who? Me? Really?